I leverage my creative and engineering backgrounds to design tactful solutions.

Who Am I?

I'm a UX designer with a mission to create solutions that enhance the human experience in an inclusive way. I leverage my past experiences in biomedical engineering, clinical research, and education to explore the technical and analytical aspects of designing. I bring my creativity, my love for helping people, and my mission to integrate the human element when crafting design solutions. I am an advocate, a problem-solver, and a creative who’s passionate about health & wellness, inclusive design, interaction/UI design and design ethics & equity spaces (among others)!

I fell in love with UX design by accident, and fell in love with it on purpose. The human experience is not a monolith and as a designer I aim to solve problems for people in a way that marries art and science. Ultimately, through the practice of design I can fulfill a purpose greater than myself, while also being able to bring as much of myself to my work as possible.

That’s the short version, anyway! Curious to know the full story? Check out a more detailed account of my UX journey here on Medium.

"I want to see the splendor of people's souls." - Shogo Makishima

Outside of UX...

You can catch me:

  • stressing about the next episode of Attack on Titan
  • practicing vector art in Figma
  • working on my writing
  • enjoying some samak mashwi (grilled fish, an Egyptian dish)
  • cheering on Liverpool FC (or crying for them, depending on the game 🤣)
  • going down Star Wars-related rabbit holes on the internet
  • pointing my camera at anything that catches my eye

That's all for now! Want to talk design, Star Wars, or anything else in between? If you have questions, want to get in touch about potential collaboration, or would like to chat about how I can help your design ideas come to life, let's talk!

Feel free to also connect with me on Twitter, Clubhouse (@ayoubience), Instagram, and LinkedIn. Cheers! ✌😊