"A picture is a poem without words." - Horace

Here are some of my snapshots between NYC and Egypt.

Central Park fall scenery Central Park foliage duck bathing Bathing in a lake duck swimming about Swimming about Old Cairo El Moez Street, Old Cairo View of Cairo A golden hour view of Cairo from Muhammad Ali Mosque Nile River The Nile River, dusk atop the Cairo Tower Nazar Mirrors Nazar (evil eye) mirrors Love Locks Love Locks, Brooklyn Bridge Shipyard in Alexandria Shipyard in the Bahary neighborhood (بحري) of Alexandria, Egypt

"Poetry is emotion put into measure." – Thomas Hardy

Below are some of my poetic works.


I wish orchids would grow on the streams of tears you've
shed over the years,
If only to see how beautiful you have always been.

I wish you could see the light of the moon as I gaze into your eyes,
darker than black,
If only to realize how profound your insight has always been.

I wish everything you touched turned into platinum,
If only to understand how invaluable you are,
How you've touched and enriched so many lives.

never stop making

What people harshly criticize is a
reflection of their unrealized dreams;
So dear writer, keep writing,
keep filming, director,
keep rocking out, musician,
keep drawing, artist,
move like water, dancer,

Breathe life with your art.

look up
Empire State Building

Empire State fading;
a sign that nothing lasts.
Good or bad, look up.

Empire State Building

I stand at the edge
of adventure, of the unknown,
unsure of myself.

Empire State Building

White light at the end!
Even if you are alone,
Press on towards hope.

"... everybody who is human has something to express." – Brenda Ueland

Enjoy my other miscellaneous works!

short film: new york 1998

Lahcene leaves Algeria during the Algerian Civil War for the Big Apple where the mental and physical strains of immigrating alone become realized in this experimental short documentary. Directed by Meriem Sadoun.

pencil drawing: itachi uchiha
Itachi Uchiha drawing

Itachi Uchiha, a rogue ninja of the Akatsuki group from the anime/manga series Naruto. Here is the reference image.

pencil drawing: General Zod
General Zod drawing

General Zod, as portrayed by Michael Shannon, from the movie Man of Steel. Zod is a Kryptonian military figure and enemy of Superman. Here is the reference image.